J. Robert Tryon, Jr. Chief Executive Officer

Digital Software Architect and Creator of DivorceWerx.com

Robert has been in the document processing business since the early 1990's. His passion for the marriage of law and technology started with a litigation support firm where he was instrumental in building image capture, indexing, and document processing software which contributed it to becoming a leading litigation support firm.

As a software architect who has also attended law school - and has gone through an expensive divorce himself - Robert was inspired to build DivorceWerx, an on-line DIY divorce document preparation website. He made arrangements with top divorce law firms in Salt Lake City, and created a simple process for individuals to prepare their own divorce documents on-line. The documents generated by DivorceWerx.com are 100% guaranteed to be accepted by any court in Utah, and costs thousands less than it would for an attorney.

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  • Software Architect and Document Processing Expert
  • Divorce Document Preparation